Third Term | Zilina Lutheran KECY

This was our second year doing KECY. We had 90 participants and praising God how he brought us all together and touched many students’ hearts. In fact, we had 21 professions of Faith from this camp. We also had a great group of Americans come serve alongside us, and looking forward to getting many of… Read More »

Third Term | Sheppersons

We finished our summer doing three more KECYs and one Fusion camp. However, our team received a huge blow when one of our American families was in a major car accident just thirty minutes from their camp location during our training days. Kim Shepperson was driving to camp with three of their four children, following… Read More »

Second Term | Zilina, Levice and Banska Bystrica KECY

There were three other camps that took place: Zilina & Levice Brethren church and Banska Bystrica Baptist’s first camp. During this term, we also experienced the first time a student had to be airlifted after hiking and being dehydrated from the Banska Bystrica’s camp. She was fine afterwards and participated in the after party and… Read More »

Second Term | Presov CB KECY

This camp was 10 years in the making.  When I first came to Slovakia, I worked with two youth groups in Presov before making a decision to serve alongside the Lutheran Church. The other church was the Brethren church. I had hoped & prayed that one day they too would do a KECY outreach. Last… Read More »

In between camps

Upon returning home I discovered that my bank account had been depleted. I was nervous and wondering what had happened and if I’d be able to get my funds back. The problem was caused by a computer glitch, internationally, with my VISA ATM card. Thankfully, the bank was able to put the funds back into… Read More »

First Term | Banska Bystrica CB FUSION

From Dolny Kubin, we then traveled to our first FUSION music camp, where we got see them finish their final rehearsals and then perform their show in front of their family and friends. It was an amazing experience to watch it all come together, and to see the parents faces light up, some with tears,… Read More »

First Term | Dolny Kubin Lutheran KECY

Before we headed to Dolny Kubin camp, we got word from Jany that they had to move their entire camp from one location to another one across the lake. The next morning, we jumped into Opel, and traveled through Poland to get to his camp. Long story short, the regional hygienist did not like how… Read More »

First Term | Celebrating 10 years with Presov

During our visit at the Presov camp, we also got to celebrate 10 years of doing KECY. The youth group invited many of the first adult and student leaders. It was a great evening celebrating and sharing stories of how God has moved among this youth group and city. (Photo | L2R: Lenka, Marcel, Jaro,… Read More »

First Term | Presov Lutheran KECY

The night before we were heading to the Presov camp, I got a call that they needed an intern to help them with one of their English classes. We brought over an intern who did an amazing job jumping in and serving. Without going into too much details, God taught me about spiritual warfare and… Read More »

First Term | Kosice Lutheran KECY

At our first camp in Kosice, the camp was next to an old castle ruin. After arriving, I learned that the leadership had changed, so I was able to help set up the new leader to do his first camp, and he did a great job. At the end of the week, they had 6… Read More »