Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm / My fatherland, my joy & happiness 

I’m settling into my summer home, here, in Estonia, where I’ve seen God’s word & this nation’s past, come together in my heart, mind & prayers, with the hope that God will draw this most atheistic nation back to Him for His purpose & glory. My fatherland, my joy & happiness, How beautiful you are!… Read More »

We’ve only just begun!

The JV Amazing Race & Intern Training ended last week. We commissioned & sent out over 100 American & European university students into 13 countries to help us make disciples who make disciples by investing in local churches & partnering with them to share Christ with the next generation of European young people. With our… Read More »

Will you pray?

This group has been trained and heading out to do 2 English, 2 Soccer and 1 Music camp(s). Will you pray for them as they serve alongside the local churches and youth groups in one of the most non-religious countries?! Thank you!


Mobilizing from the west coast to the mid west and across the ocean! Pray for my friends the Somervells who are raising support to serve in Ukraine!

Summer Ministry

Now that I am home, I am resting & preparing for my summer ministry which is taking me to the country of Estonia. Estonia is one of the most atheistic countries where 76% of the population have no specific religious affiliation. I’ll be serving alongside our JV National leadership team where I will help them… Read More »

Draw Near…

A few weeks ago, I shared with a college group in Slovakia the main point to the question, “Why is there evil when God is good?” Based on the story of the blind man found in John 9, I believe God allows evil to draw us back to Him, for Him to work in us… Read More »


Would you pray for my friend Aleisha? She is a JV Missionary kid serving with her family in Slovenia. She is now at the same hospital that I am leaving from who is recovering from an asthma attack.

Reflective Piece

My Czech hospital experience through Psalm 23 “A Psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Reflection – while I was in the hospital and not at the conference, I WANTED to be there, but realized, He had me here for a reason. YAHWEH is with us, in us, is all,… Read More »

Special Prayer Requests

I hope you are all doing well. My visit has been good. One allowing me to share the gospel, reconnect with many friends and co-workers, and meet new ones along the way. Our conference began last night, where we will focus on Psalm 23 this week. However, as the Lord has planned, He has made… Read More »


Blessed to have been led in worship this evening by Adrián Marušák! He has grown so much over the years and is sooo talented! This evening, I shared with my former youth group (college group) in Zilina about “why is there evil when God is good?” My main point is that evil exist to draw us… Read More »