Happy New Year!

Have you ever lost and found something of value? In Luke 15, Jesus shares three parables about losing and finding a lost coin, a sheep and a son. For me, it’s hard to relate to losing and finding one of those items. But if you mentioned losing and finding your keys, I can totally relate… Read More »


Update: 09/01/2013 My daddy went to be with Jesus this evening. I am so thankful and blessed that I got to spend last night and today with him. Our family thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement. He was 63 years old, and married to my mom for 43 years…they were high school sweethearts. He… Read More »

Merry Christmas!

As we remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, I want to give God the Glory, Honor and Praise in all He did through His ministry here in Slovakia with Josiah Venture. In a country with many holding onto traditional believes, and celebrating Christmas with baby Jesus bringing their Christmas presents, it’s… Read More »

JV Tour

With 32.5 million young people in Central and Eastern Europe, and less then 1% of them having a personal relationship with Christ, mostly first generational Christians, Jany (John), Rob and I were able to share the need of asking university students, churches and friends to partner with our organization, Josiah Venture, to reach the other… Read More »

An EXIT Tour Experience

This evening I was with two members of the band, Faith Child. They were the band that came to Slovakia to serve alongside our EXIT Tour ministry. I asked them their thoughts about EXIT Tour and was touched by what they had to say. Michael, the band leader, shared with me that this experience really… Read More »

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

On Monday, Jany and I will begin our venture to the States for the JV Fall Recruitment tour. During the first two weeks, he and I will travel with a few other JV co-workers and visit Christian university and churches along the way to invite them to become an intern or send over a short-term… Read More »

First Generational Story

Last weekend, I got to catch up with Jany (John) Cerensky and see how he and his ministry is doing. I’ve known Jany for the last ten years and have enjoyed watching his walk with the Lord strengthen, and how God has and is using him to reach students for His Kingdom. Jany accepted Christ… Read More »

KECY Leaders Retreat Weekend

In late October, we held our KECY leader’s retreat where we invited all this summer’s KECY Slovak leaders for a weekend to catch up with them to hear how their fall ministries are going, inspire and prepare them for 2013. We began the retreat with some fun in hosting a trivia game. In addition, throughout… Read More »

Local Church Youth Group Update

15/30 Since this summer we’ve seen an increase in our ministry with students coming to our youth group. We noticed that it was time to multiply into two groups and after month, we’ve seen in attendance an average of 15 students coming each month to our younger youth group (ages 12-15), and an average of… Read More »

EXIT Tour Story

Over the last few years TCKompas have been struggling with attacks from a few Lutherans. One of those is a close friend of a Lutheran pastor whom we partnered with during this tour. Peter worked hard in building trust and a strong relationship with this pastor who allowed us to live for the week in… Read More »