The God of Endurance…

Even through difficult situations, the Lord provided our Ukrainian team with so much endurance this summer as they, and 17 interns did 15 camps/events!  And according to their camp surveys, around 500 attended with 140 stating they made a decision to follow Christ. Praise God! Please continue to #prayforUkraine, and for our teammates who are… Read More »

JV Summer Ministries

God continues to be working in the now & the not yet, especially in our JV Summer Ministries! Over 11 years ago, I went to Slovakia to serve with the Lutheran youth group in Presov to be part of the movement of God, & remember that first camp experience. There were only 3 camps taking place that summer, & our youth group… Read More »

JV Canada

God continues to be working in the now & not yet, especially in Canada. One of the projects I’ve been working on is to help get our JV Canada (JVC) entity up & running to receipt funds, resource, & send more short-term teams, interns & staff to Central & Eastern Europe. And the most important part up to… Read More »

Day of Solitude

It was nice to take a day off to be in His Word & in His creation in Banff, Alberta Canada. The area is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too. I was reminded how great our God & Creator is after experiencing His nature by smelling the aroma of forest trees… Read More »

JV Summer Ministries

This summer, over 80 interns & many short-term teams from North America will serve alongside our JV Missionaries who are in 11 Central & Eastern European countries. This year theme is Upside Down & will be presented throughout our English, sports & music camps. Last year, 75% of the youth who attended our summer camps told us that they… Read More »

Martin’s Visit

Next month, my friend, Martin, will come to the States for a visit. You might recall Martin’s story in how when he was a teenager he shared that God was “bogus,” but during his college years, accepted Christ, & now serves in his church located in Prague. He will arrive in Chicago on July 16,… Read More »


After celebrating Mother’s Day with mom this past weekend, I went in on Monday to have an MRI on my left ankle. For those of you that know, at the end February, I was hiking with a good friend of mine. And when he jumped to the next trail, I did the same, but as I… Read More »

Next few months

Now that I’ve returned back to the States, I am busy working on several projects to strengthen our organization. I’ll be… …heading up to Canada in June for a few days to help get our JVCanada up and running so we can fund & send out teams & missionaries from Canada to be part of… Read More »

State of the Venture | 20 years

Did you know… Our team is made up of 130 Nationals, 101 Second Culture (staff serving in a different culture then their own), 46 Missionaries in training, & over 100 JV Kids? We are in 12 Countries: Albania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, & Ukraine. And, soon will add 2 more as we prepare to enter into Germany with a return to… Read More »


Our annual JV Spring Conference took place with the theme, Relentless. One particular night we heard from our Ukrainian team about the current situation going on in Ukraine. We were so encouraged in how they are being relentless in trusting in the Lord by taking bold steps of faith to do 15 English camps this… Read More »