Local Ministry – Jesus Place

Thank you for praying for Nick, my neighbor! Since my last update, we’ve hung out a few times – gone bowling, seen a few movies, & visited the Christian bookstore, he calls, “The Jesus Place.” In fact, the Lord has put others in Nick’s life, especially from the local bookstore. Come to find out, it… Read More »

Global Ministry

I’m currently in Central/Eastern Europe to visit our Josiah Venture North American & National Staff for the next few weeks (Sept. 16th -30th). And, I thank you for partnering with me to be able to train, care, & help them build His Kingdom over here. From the 16th – 19th, I’ll be in Slovakia visiting… Read More »

Dive Deep!

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit,” – 1 Peter 3:18 How would you define your relationship with Jesus these days? Close, far away, or in the middle? The best… Read More »

time of encouragement

It was pure joy to have Martin, from Slovakia, come visit for a few weeks. We were able visit many of you, and speak at a few churches on how the Lord moved his skeptic heart to a heart full of love for the Lord. We were able to share how Josiah Venture’s ministry that… Read More »

welcome to America!

I am excited to have one of the Iron Men studying in the States this year. Adam, whom I’ve known since 2010, has taken bold steps of faith to leave his homeland to study abroad. And, on his way to the States, we had the opportunity to meet during a brief lay over he had… Read More »

new neighbor

I have the fortune to live in a community with four neighbors, where three of them recently moved into our building. And, have befriended one of them, named Nick. He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, was adopted from Russia, and has had a rough past. He and I went to the movies recently, where… Read More »

harmony with one another…

Often I am asked how is my new role going? And, I answer, It’s going well, because I work with a great group of people who love the Lord, and desire to serve and care for our team. We recently held our Bteam meeting to catch up on how we are doing, where we are,… Read More »

one voice…

A friend of mine, Melanie, was recently in Slovakia participating in one of our English camps, with the church I served with in Zilina. I just got an update from her, and thought this would encourage you since you are part of this movement. Hey Mike, I’m sure you’ve heard from others, but I thought the… Read More »

The God of Endurance…

Even through difficult situations, the Lord provided our Ukrainian team with so much endurance this summer as they, and 17 interns did 15 camps/events!  And according to their camp surveys, around 500 attended with 140 stating they made a decision to follow Christ. Praise God! Please continue to #prayforUkraine, and for our teammates who are… Read More »

JV Summer Ministries

God continues to be working in the now & the not yet, especially in our JV Summer Ministries! Over 11 years ago, I went to Slovakia to serve with the Lutheran youth group in Presov to be part of the movement of God, & remember that first camp experience. There were only 3 camps taking place that summer, & our youth group… Read More »