myth #1

Missionary life isn’t always what you expect it to be. In fact, I’ve discovered some misperceptions that keep you & I from having a clear understanding of the needs & challenges missionaries face. Myth #1 It’s easy for JV nationals to raise funds on their own. Busted In most of our JV countries, tithing is… Read More »

a thanksgiving visit

One of my Iron Men, Adam, whom I’ve known & discipled for over 5 years is an exchange student this year in Concordia, MO as a junior in high school. And, is getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It’s been a great time to reconnect, share many sights & experiences with him during the… Read More »

JV Recruitment Tour Recap

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” – Psalm 9:1 It was a great adventure sharing what God is doing in Central & Eastern Europe before, during & after our JV Recruitment Tour. And I welcome you to experience a passage from Before the… Read More »

On Tour

I am currently on a train, preparing to head back to the States. And as I lookout the window, & pass through many of the cities I use to serve in, I’m praising the Lord in all He did, & continues to do with the youth in Slovakia. I had the opportunity to pray on… Read More »

During a war, a ministry begins

This summer, all of our Ukrainian North American short-term teams who planned to serve this summer, cancelled, leaving them, & only 15 interns to organize & do their evangelistic camps. And, in the midst of a war going on in Ukraine, 10 young people took bold steps of faith, kept their eyes on Jesus, &… Read More »

A Legacy Left Behind

I was able to visit with my former teammates in Slovakia to catch up with them in how they are doing & what the Lord is teaching them. As I listened, I began to look around & noticed that many on the team are from the East side of Slovakia from the church that I… Read More »

Fero Fero…

I met Fero a few years ago during a volleyball competition that we participated in. I found out that he played for the Slovak national team for his age division. However, he had to stop due to a knee injury. Two summer’s ago, he attended his first English camp, with an interest to learn more… Read More »

A Father’s Perspective

In a country where less than 1% have a personal relationship with Christ, & the majority of those 1% are first generation Christian, this next story inspired me with the Hope that this generation has in advancing God’s Kingdom. One evening I visited a family whose son is in Marian’s youth group. During the conversations,… Read More »

Passing it forward

After a graduating Lutheran confirmation class graduated, they approached their pastor with the desire to “pass it forward” onto the next confirmation class. The Lutheran church I served with in Slovakia, offers confirmation for young people to learn about the church history, sacraments, & about Jesus. Several students approached my pastor, Marian, & his wife,… Read More »

Local Ministry – Hope Fellowship

Thank you for your prayers for me to find community & a church! I narrowed it down & believe I’ve found a place to serve in, & become part of the body of Christ at Hope Fellowship. It’s an Acts 29 church that has been in existence for 3 years. It’s a smaller church, with… Read More »