Serving the local church

Blessed to serve locally with these two men: (L2R)…Jeff (pastor of Hope Fellowship) & Jared (youth leader of Hope Fellowship.

Partnering across the globe

Thankful to have one of our pastors, Jon, meeting with our JV KAM friends from the Czech Republic.


A peaceful moment of solitude today with our Creator…felt the breeze, saw chipmunks, and smelt the flower fragrances, while exercising His temple riding bikes. “The movement from loneliness to solitude is the beginning of any spiritual life because it’s the movement from the restless senses to the restful spirit.” – H. Mourn, Reaching Out

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Recently I heard a great message on Acts 11:19-30, that ducktails in what we are apart of, together, with Josiah Venture. Briefly, the pastor shared that, “God has the power to move people to build His Kingdom.” He went on to describe the location & situation in Antioch, a current day Las Vegas, & how… Read More »

Poland | June 22 – July 6

I’ll be in Katowice, Poland with a group from Covenant College, who will put on a soccer camp for youth. I know what you might be thinking, “Americans teaching Europeans how to play soccer?” The thing is they don’t have organized sports as part of their school, as we have in the states. And, most… Read More »

Slovakia | July 7 – 26

My former teammates lost a few American teams to come over this summer to help do English Camps, and asked if I could help, since I was already over there in Poland. So, I’ll get to partner with some friends, and supporters from the States to help do an English/Sports camp in Zilina, SK with… Read More »

Czech | July 27 – Aug 11

As I was putting together my summer ministry, I learned that Jill’s church will do one of our FUSION Music camps during the third term of our JV camps. (Jill is my lady friend, or whom I am dating :)) So after talking with leadership, it was agreed that it would be great for me… Read More »

JV Canada Board Meeting

One of my roles is to serve as the executive assistant to the JVCanada Board. It’s a great opportunity to help our board stay compliant, and assist them with various needs so that we can have Canadians and their churches send funds, short term teams and individuals to serve with us in Central and Eastern… Read More »

ministry partner development

Last week, I held one of our quarterly coaching moments where we bring together our Missionary In Training (MIT), their leader and our HR person. It’s a time to check in with our MIT, answer any of their questions, ask any questions, evaluate and pray for them. Please be praying Timothy, Mary, and Lucas Dady… Read More »

cabin cousin time

It was a pleasure to get to spend time with two of my 4th/5th generational Czech cousins after the conference. They took two days off of work to take me to their family cabin, and we had a great time. We did an all day hike around three dams, visited a monastery, ate some great… Read More »