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In the next few days, I’ll visit some staff & travel with one of my friends, Nathan, before we help our team in Slovakia with an English/Sports camp next week. They had an American team cancel & asked for some help. I’d ask for your prayers as the final preparations come together. It has been challenging;… Read More »

from the desk of Mike Sullivan

Prior to leaving the States, I shared a request, & I praise God for providing for my one-time financial needs. However, I am still short on my monthly needs. Since January, I’ve had several folks stop giving for personal financial reasons. I’ve reviewed my budget, & cut back my expenses as best as I can…. Read More »

Families Health Update

Thank you for lifting my family up in prayer these last few weeks. Mom is doing better, with the doctors monitoring a few things, but nothing to be alarmed with at this point. As for my brother, he will go in for a few tests next week. Please pray for all of us. I’ve come to live… Read More »

a common denominator

What do you get when you bring together people from three different countries (Americans, Czechs & Poles), talents & gifts (soccer & music), & personalities (introverts & extraverts)? A joy of serving together with one common denominator, Jesus Christ, to students who come from different backgrounds, walks of life, & various believes. And in the… Read More »

Poland Update #13

Going to miss these guys! Tomorrow in the early morning, they head home, while I head to Slovakia. I thank God for them…it was a total blast to serve with them…we all agreed this evening that we became like a family. Please pray for them as they head home, and may God continue to use… Read More »

Poland Update #12

Last night we visited a church in the village that supports the Edge Soccer and cares for the orphans. This morning we attended their church baptism worship where 8 people were baptized. It was great to visit the church that many of the boys who went to camp goes to or is supported by this… Read More »

Poland Update #11

Thank you all for your prayers this past week. It was a very fruitful and impactful camp for everyone involved. Please continue to pray for these students, the youth group, the sport’s ministry, and for the Covenant Team as we now prepare to say our good byes, debrief and reenter back to life after camp…. Read More »

Poland Update #10

Last night we discovered that we had two Edge Soccer kids accept Christ at camp! The first is Damian, who is 32, but part of the church that works with orphan and part of our the Edge Soccer League in Poland. And the second is Agata, who is 13, a great soccer player, & her… Read More »

Poland Update #9

Last night’s Gospel night was very fruitful. We had many students either make steps towards having a relationship with the Lord, start a relationship, or repent of their sins to have a deeper and growing relationship with the Lord. I had a special conversation with a new friend, Honza (John) who is Czech. He is… Read More »

Poland Update #8

Please pray for Marcin who will share the Gospel this evening at our camp. He and his wife serve with JV in Poland with our Edge Sports Ministry. It has been a blast to serve alongside him and his ministry this week. To learn more about this great couple, visit his site: