A simple reminder to take a time out & remember!

It was 1973 when this US Navy airplane was forced to crash on the beach when it ran out of fuel. The entire crew survived. Not knowing all the details of what happened, I can only speculate that it was pilot error, which could have been prevented, if he had taken a time out. Over… Read More »

Summer Reconstruction

Getting to serve alongside an exceptional, hard-working Estonian national team, with 8 summer interns, and 56 Americans, made this an unforgettable summer! Living in Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, much reconstruction was taken place within their city transit infrastructure. I rode on the tram tracks one week, while the next week, I watched them being pulled… Read More »

Which Challenge do you serve in?

We just finished our last training where part of it, we teach the teams the process of disciple making modeled in the way Christ challenged His disciples from unbelief to a spiritual maturity: 1. Expose – come & see (John 1:35-42) 2. Evangelize – repent & believe (Mark 1:15) 3. Build – follow me (John… Read More »

Seen. Known. Loved.

We all crave these things, but where, or in whom do we? This summer, Josiah Venture is serving alongside 130 Central & Eastern European churches reaching the youth in their communities. These youth all long to be seen, fully known & loved, but seek attention in the wrong places. Our camp theme is Seen, where… Read More »

The Why?

“Choosing to be learners is what helps us most to understand different perspectives. The “what” helps us understand what is expected. The “how” helps us understand the culturally appropriate approach, but it is the “why” that helps us understand the culture itself. It is the “why” question that unmasks the deep cultural value behind the… Read More »

The Power of God

Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity. – John 12:25 Here in Estonia, during communism, they thought by putting the denominations together under one church, they would fight and dissolve. Same idea was crafted by the… Read More »

Will you pray?

This group has been trained and heading out to do 2 English, 2 Soccer and 1 Music camp(s). Will you pray for them as they serve alongside the local churches and youth groups in one of the most non-religious countries?! Thank you!

10 Estonian Facts

Estonia has 2,222 islands 52% is covered by forest. All schools are connected to the Internet. The birth place of the first Christmas tree. Estonia is the homeland of Skype and Hotmail. For every 100 females in Estonia, there are 84 men. Estonia ranks 2nd place with a literacy rate of 99.8% Least populous of… Read More »

Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm / My fatherland, my joy & happiness 

I’m settling into my summer home, here, in Estonia, where I’ve seen God’s word & this nation’s past, come together in my heart, mind & prayers, with the hope that God will draw this most atheistic nation back to Him for His purpose & glory. My fatherland, my joy & happiness, How beautiful you are!… Read More »

We’ve only just begun!

The JV Amazing Race & Intern Training ended last week. We commissioned & sent out over 100 American & European university students into 13 countries to help us make disciples who make disciples by investing in local churches & partnering with them to share Christ with the next generation of European young people. With our… Read More »