from the harvest to the harvest

I’d like to invite you to become part of the movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. There are 32.5 million young people in this region with less then 1% who have a personal relationship with Jesus. I believe God… Read More »

a brief message

This past month, I’ve also had the pleasure to coach 19 of our new missionaries in the art of support raising, which we call ministry partner development. Each week I’ve met with them over Zoom meetings to hone in on certain skills to help them invite individuals and churches to partner with them and their ministry…. Read More »

preparing for the message

I am currently helping our Estonian team with their summer interns and short-term team preparations for them to share God’s message in one of the most atheistic and non-religious countries. This summer Estonia will do 4 Edge soccer camps, 4 English camps and 2 Fusion music camps with 2 soccer interns and 7 interns for English…. Read More »

a relevant message

This month a few members of our team and I came together over Zoom to review and brainstorm our recruitment strategy and processes. Historical data tells us that we gain new missionaries through their short-term team experiences, word-of-mouth/JV relationships, and through our fall recruitment tour. It’s been refreshing to know what has worked, and what… Read More »

a message from the cross

What messages are impacting you these days? Today, more than ever, we are inundated with so many messages, and places to receive them that we can either get overwhelmed or be lost in translation. But, during this Passion Week my prayer is that we stop to remember the message from the cross. There are always two sides… Read More »

15 years ago

Gas cost $1.29, three biggest films were LOTR – Two Towers, Star Wars Episode II, and Spider-Man, U2 performed during the Super Bowl halftime show, Kelly Clarkson won American Idol, Apple released it’s 2nd gen iPod holding 20gb of storage space, Sanyo was the first cell phone to have a built-in camera, and I started… Read More »

Then there were 19

This week, we are training 19 new JV Missionaries who, once they have raised all of their support, will head to either Albania, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania or serve on our communications team. Please be in prayer for them as they learn and trust the Lord to provide, and as I coach them… Read More »

a reflective journey

Today, we are not only reminded that God is love, but we also begin a 40-day journey called Lent. It’s a time where we look inwardly towards the condition of our hearts to identify who or what is our main focus, and ask tough questions to consider the condition of our hearts, and what we need to… Read More »

a fresh outlook

For some, it’s still fresh on our minds that we just celebrated the birth of Jesus. And I hope you had a great time with your family and friends. But, if we look 30+ years ahead, that little boy will become a man, and do what He came to do on Earth; to draw us… Read More »

will you accept?

Can we sit for a while like Mary, and ponder what happened when heaven and earth collided, the shepherds fell in terror, the locals wondered, and her baby boy was born? (Luke 2:8-20) An angel, with a multitude of the heavenly host, came down to earth, to share a world changing event, the birth of Jesus…. Read More »