a message from the cross

What messages are impacting you these days?

Today, more than ever, we are inundated with so many messages, and places to receive them that we can either get overwhelmed or be lost in translation. But, during this Passion Week my prayer is that we stop to remember the message from the cross.

There are always two sides to every story, and in the book Journeying with Luke, the authors eloquently state that, “God’s heart is torn between the passion of sin-induced suffering and the passion of grace-filled love.” 

On one side, Good Friday’s message is about death, and suffering – sin, rejection, betrayal, and abandonment, committed by church leaders, politicians, soldiers, Jesus’ family, his friends, and the crowd. But on the other side of the story, there is life from God’s love for the broken world…compassion, redemption, forgiveness, and eternal life with Him, and through Him!

Whom do we connect with in the Passion Story? Are we Jesus’ family, or disciples, or the crowds who worship Him one minute, and deny him the next? Or, do we truly identify as being “in Christ,” confessing our sins, seeking forgiveness, repenting – to turn away from and walk differently, and living a new life in Him?

As we read the gospels this week, may we be impacted with how generous, compassionate and caring our God is towards us through His son, Jesus, who understands all that we go through in life!

To Him be the glory!