will you accept?

Can we sit for a while like Mary, and ponder what happened when heaven and earth collided, the shepherds fell in terror, the locals wondered, and her baby boy was born? (Luke 2:8-20)

An angel, with a multitude of the heavenly host, came down to earth, to share a world changing event, the birth of Jesus. They asked shepherds, often regarded as outsiders, who lived semi-nomadic lifestyles, to go and welcome baby Jesus.

These terrified men obediently went, and met the new family. There they shared what was told about Jesus to his adopted father, Joseph, a righteous man who took Mary to be his wife. And, to his mother, Mary, a pre-teen, and humble servant.

Upon hearing all that was shared, the town folk wondered, “but Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.(Luke 2:19)

Afterwards, these ordinary shepherds, returned, and on their way back to the fields, glorified and praised God for all they had heard and seen.

During this Christmas season, will you accept the challenge to reflect like Mary, and be bold like the shepherds, and share Christ with others?

Thank you for allowing Him to use you for my ministry with Josiah Venture through your prayers, encouragement and/or financial investments. May you and your family have a blessed Merry Christmas and a great 2018!