A simple reminder to take a time out & remember!

It was 1973 when this US Navy airplane was forced to crash on the beach when it ran out of fuel. The entire crew survived. Not knowing all the details of what happened, I can only speculate that it was pilot error, which could have been prevented, if he had taken a time out.

Over the last few weeks/months, I’ve been working with our communications team to create a recruitment plan & resources so we can invite university students & churches to partner with us next summer. And during this busy time, I took a time out & realized two things: stop & pray, & give God the glory.

Prayer – we can’t do anything unless the Lord has His hands involved first. I came across this quote by D.L. Moody that puts it all into perspective: “If our spiritually dead ones are to be raised, we must first get power with God. The reason we so often fail in moving our fellowmen is that we try to win them without first getting power with God.” (Phil. 4:6)

Glory – as a project manager, we can get wrapped up in the creation & final product, that we lose focus of whose glory this is for as we seek feedback & approval. Moses is a great example for us who got in trouble for seeking his own glory, & was not allowed to enter into the promise land. (Numbers 20)

What a powerful reminder that no matter what project or task we have in front of us, we need to stop, seek God first, & remember at the end of the day, it’s all for Him, & that’s all. (1 Cor. 10:31)

As we finalize our preparations for our Fall Recruitment, will you stop & pray to ask God to go before us, & pray for those who will go, who will hear, & who will respond? And, that God will get the glory in all we say & do!