Which Challenge do you serve in?

We just finished our last training where part of it, we teach the teams the process of disciple making modeled in the way Christ challenged His disciples from unbelief to a spiritual maturity:

1. Expose – come & see (John 1:35-42)

2. Evangelize – repent & believe (Mark 1:15)

3. Build – follow me (John 1:43)

4. Equip – I will make you fishers of men (Luke 5:1-11)

5. Send – I am sending you (John 20:21)

And at the end, we ask them which, I’d like to ask you, which challenge are you currently serving in, and what do you need to move to make disciples who make disciples?

As you pray through this, will you pray for our final term which starts tomorrow?

Thank you,