Special Prayer Requests

I hope you are all doing well. My visit has been good. One allowing me to share the gospel, reconnect with many friends and co-workers, and meet new ones along the way.

Our conference began last night, where we will focus on Psalm 23 this week. However, as the Lord has planned, He has made me lie in a different pasture and I welcome your prayers.

Yesterday morning I started to get pain in my left abdomen area, thus putting me in the hospital where I am recovering from diverticulitis. I am on antibiotic IVs, and will be here for a few days. This has nothing to do with my liver or gall bladder issues. Perhaps the diet I was on for the last 6 weeks, not getting enough fiber.

Will you pray for me, especially that I get out of the hospital by Saturday.

Also, pray for my roommate, Alex who is now going under for his appendix. He is actually Slovak and played handball for the last 15 years.