Draw Near…

A few weeks ago, I shared with a college group in Slovakia the main point to the question, “Why is there evil when God is good?” Based on the story of the blind man found in John 9, I believe God allows evil to draw us back to Him, for Him to work in us for His purpose & glory. And, after sharing that message, I learned this valuable lesson up close & personal when I went into a Czech hospital for four days for diverticulitis.

While lying in bed, in pain, & hooked up to IVs, I was drawn into my Father’s arms. It was a blessed time for rest & restoration. I gained a deeper appreciation of God’s love as I relied on Him alone. It was a time for Him to work on my heart, mind & soul, expose truths about humanity, & allow me opportunities to share Him with one of my hospital roommates, Alexander.

Alexander was born in Slovakia, lives in the Czech Republic, is a father of two little girls, & spoke great English. The Lord placed him for such a time as this to help me communicate with the nurses, & allow me opportunities to share Jesus with him. We had many discussions where he had heard similar things from his grandmother. Although skeptical, he is open to find truth, & we remain in contact. In fact, he just received the bible & a book written by Timothy Keller, The Reason for God, translated in Czech, that I sent him in the mail.

Will you please pray for Alexander & his family? And, also for my health? I will visit my doctor this week for a check up, & am currently feeling better.

I’ll never forget this experience where the Lord drew me closer to Him, gave me rest, restored my soul, & provided His comfort, encouragement, strength, & love. That only a perfect Father can do!