I hope you & your family had a blessed Easter. On Sunday, I was reminded of how many times in the bible, we read about people encountering Jesus, & either responding in worship, or in doubt. And other times, they were with fear, or in joy. We see this in the two Mary’s who left the empty tomb running, or the disciples living life-on-life with Jesus, or when He healed people, or met with religious leaders.

There was always a division, a battle within people’s hearts!

Even today, there is a division among us. How often do we treat the Lord like this? Worship, then doubt. Or, are full of joy, & other times, in fear.

But, we don’t have to be divided. Just like we see in scriptures, Jesus came to unite everyone to His family. Even at the end when he was brutally crucified, He returned. He could have been the revengeful King, but we see Him as a loving & caring Savior who rescued them, & each of us.

Oh, may we cling to Him who came for you & me, & rest in this truth that we are part of His Eternal family!