Are we decreasing?

When was the last time we humbled ourselves for someone else to be lifted up?

I was reminded of this after doing a study on Jonathan, Saul’s eldest son, and John the Baptist.

Jonathan was a prince who was a strong, courageous, trusted, loyal soldier and warrior. One who trusted the Lord by bold-blind faith, and whose people greatly loved him and ransomed him from his father. And in the end, he gave up his throne to one greater than him, David. He offered his robe, tunic, and gave one of only two swords in all of Israel to David. Jonathan risked his life, made sacrifices, and demonstrated real friendship. He was a humble man, who understood that he had been given everything by the Lord, for something greater.

We see this again in the New Testament with John the Baptist, who also had a large following and accepted his role to prepare the way for someone greater than him, Jesus. John was challenged but stayed true to his calling. And in the end, he stepped aside for the Messiah, even directing his disciples to leave him and follow Jesus.

After reading about these two great men, I ask, “how are we decreasing so that the Lord can increase in our lives?” Do we yield to what has been done on the cross to let the Lord rule in our hearts and lives? I know I need to do more of this each day. Please continue to pray for me and my ministry!