Deep Community Adventure

And a few friends of mine from Alabama created a deep community adventure as we hit the slopes for a few days to be in God’s creation! Please pray for these men as they lead their families well. (Photo – l2r: me, Kevin, Michael, and Micah)

Supporter Visits

We also got to share with a few supporters and churches along the way about our ministry. I am thankful for all the prayers, encouragement, contact and financial investments that are made for my ministry with Josiah Venture.

Spring Break 2017

I welcomed two of my Slovak friends who are studying in the states, and took them to the beach for spring break. Pray for these guys as they finish their final two months of classes. (photo – l2r: Marek, Filip and me.)

Gibborim Single Men’s Retreat

From there, I retreated to the sea with our single men as we thought about how we can forge our lives, as one forges a sword, during our JV Gibborim Single Men’s Retreat. Pray for these men as they have returned and preparing for their summer ministries. (Photo – l2r: David R., me, Josh P.,… Read More »

Meet the Creator of Lego.Sam

This is Sam, a JV missionary kid, age 8, who loves anything Legos, and Star Wars. He enjoys cheeseburgers and vanilla shakes at Portillos, playing golf, camping, and climbing. And, sometimes playing Xbox and with his three younger sisters. His favorite bible story is Samuel (for real, and not because of his name). His desire… Read More »

Follow Lego.Sam

Lego Sam given to me by my friend Sam. He will be joining me on my adventures this year and will be featured in future Instagram posts with #TheAdventuresofLegoSam

Recruitment Resource Summit

I went to our offices in the Czech Republic to hold a recruitment summit where a few of us gathered data, brainstormed, and created new resources for JV. Even Lego Sam joined us. (Visit here to learn more about Lego Sam.) 

New Missionaries in Training

We welcomed and trained 9 new missionaries to JV. They are going to serve in Czech, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Pray for them as they raise their support!  (Photo – l2r: Somervells – UA, Jessica – CZ, Elyse – PL, Morneaus – SLO, Shelby – LV, Carolyn – SK, & Claire – CZ)

Ministry Blessings

As we welcome Spring, I am thankful for your partnership, and want to share how the last few weeks have been a huge blessing to me. With all of the travels, I am blessed to have community everywhere I go. Kind of reminds me of Paul when he travelled and had encouragement along the way.

Are we decreasing?

When was the last time we humbled ourselves for someone else to be lifted up? I was reminded of this after doing a study on Jonathan, Saul’s eldest son, and John the Baptist. Jonathan was a prince who was a strong, courageous, trusted, loyal soldier and warrior. One who trusted the Lord by bold-blind faith,… Read More »