Repeated Lessons

How many times do we have to hear or experience something until we finally get it?! Do we not remember? Do we not understand?

I was reminded of this when I compared the two feeding stories of the 5,000 & 4,000 found in the bible. I’ve taken them as two stories, but began to question things, especially when I read how the disciples responded in both stories; the exact same way. Even after these stories, they are on a boat, with Jesus, with no bread, & they begin to worry & question things. How could they not remember Jesus’ response to how He fed the first crowd? Or the second crowd? Then, after an in-depth study, I discovered that these two stories come with two principles pointing us to Christ’s character.

The first is the love Jesus has for all. I never realized that each event took place in two different regions with two different cultures: one with the Jews, & the other with the Gentiles. Jesus desired that they both experience this miracle, but more importantly, Him.

And, the second is Jesus patience & teaching moments. He does not give up on them, nor make the disciples feel stupid, he just repeats the same outcome with them. Then on the boat, he reminds them. The same can be said for us. How often do we forget and respond the same way?!

Oh, Father! Forgive us for our forgetfulness. And, thank you for not giving up on us, & for the way you love us!

“Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.” – 1 Cor 10:17

I am thankful for this lesson & for His provisions with my ministry with Josiah Venture! And, as I close, I can share that I reached 100% for the start of 2017! Praise God for how He provides, & for you who pray, encourage, & invest!

Grateful for your continued support,