Special Need

In early November, I’ll be moving back South!

Because of modern technology and the world we live in, JV understands the idea of virtual teams, and is allowing me to move to be close to family, friends, and to strengthen current relationships, and establish new ministry partners. After time in prayer and conversations, I’ll be moving back to Chattanooga.

Pardon me boy…
I will continue to train, coach, and support our staff, and manage the various projects going on in Canada, Scotland, and in Central and Eastern Europe. And, I believe God will open up opportunities to invite more ministry partners to become part of what He is doing within Josiah Venture.

With this move, brings upon a special need. To move back to the South, I need to raise a one-time gift of $2000.00 to move me from Wheaton, IL to Chattanooga, TN (rental truck, fuel, materials, and packers). If you’d like to help with my move, or partner with my ministry on a monthly basis, please give to funds4mike2relocate.

Again, my role will not change with JV. It will allow me more opportunities to share what God is doing within JV, recruit potential staff, and be close to family, friends and supporters.