did you get my message?

Over 2000 years ago, there was “one” who prepared the way of the Lord; John the Baptist. He was a confident man, who did not let culture or his lifestyle effect his purpose & testimony. He knew what role he played in, in sharing Jesus with others (John 1:19-34), with many being drawn to Jesus…. Read More »


Jano | one of the first guys I met in Slovakia in 2003, is now the youth pastor of the church we did English camp. Please pray for Jano as he leads the youth. #leadership

indigenous empowerment

Sonja | one who attended camp as a student in 2009, & now leads the camp in 2016. Pray for Sonja & her team as they follow up to disciple those that came to camp. #indigenousempowerment

dynamic community

Levice Leadership Team | a group of Slovak Christian youth who invited students to a camp where they felt loved, accepted & safe. Pray for this team as their work has just begun by following up & leading the students into a growing relationship with the Lord. #dynamiccommunity

bold faith

Celebration Team | a group of young people led by great leadership, came to share their stories, & the Message with students. They made an everlasting impact on the hearts of Slovak students. Pray for them as they return, adjust, & live out what they experienced. #boldfaith


Nathanael “Satria” Easley | a “warrior” who made a huge impact with students, allowing God to use him to lead Adam to a personal relationship with the Lord. Pray for Adam as he begins his new found relationship with the Lord. And for Nathanael, as he returns home & heads off to college this fall, that he… Read More »

deep integrity

Natalia | one whose parents are atheists. She returned home from camp, told her parents about her desire wanting to go to church, & today, they said, “She can go!” Praise God for young people taking bold steps of faith & for softening the hearts of man. Pray for her as she lives out Christ in… Read More »

meet Sofie!

After camp, I will stay an extra week to work, visit with our staff, and attend Jany (John) Figura’s wedding. You may recall, he participated in our very first English camp back in 2003, accepted the Lord, was in my small group, and got involved in the local church ministry. He’s the older brother to Martin,… Read More »

stop and pray

Josiah Venture is currently in camp mode where we have 135 interns actively serving this summer. And by August, we will have done 110 camps in 13 countries. And, one of those camps will be next week. One week from today, this group from Celebration Church, my sending church, and I will be in Slovakia… Read More »