On Location

Being on the JV Care Team, to serve, help and pour into our staff who serve in 13 Central and Eastern European countries, is an honor and pleasure. But, on Wednesday, I will get the opportunity to be poured into as a participant among a group of 41 JV singles (North Americans and JV Nationals), who will embark on a week-long trip to Israel.

We will trace the life of Christ and learn “on-location” disciple making principles from the Master, Jesus Christ. We will be asking three key questions along the journey:

What can I learn from Jesus about how to make disciples?

What can I learn about how to train leaders?

What can I learn about being obedient to the Father and staying on his agenda?

I’m looking forward to joining our dynamic community of singles who function as the body of Christ, and learning from our executive leadership and their wives, as they care for and pour into us. Will you pray for God to show up in a powerful way…leading us, teaching us, and drawing us closer to Him? For safe travels, good health, and a time to rest and come together as the body of Christ.