a brother’s story

Meet the brothers, Andrej (Left) and Marek (Right), who both love hockey, and now, both love Jesus!

Their mom had been praying for her sons to come to know the Lord, personally, since birth. At age 13, Andrej became a believer, and a few months ago, Marek, age 17, did too. And, it’s all because of God using Andrej’s selfless faith in Christ, to take bold steps, and share Jesus with Marek!

Andrej, is from the youth group I served with back in Slovakia, and currently studies in the States as an exchange student.
Long story short, Marek, was diagnosed with high blood pressure early this year, and sought various religions to help him be healed. He eventually started to dabble in satanic rituals that scared him. Because of that scare, Marek, called Andrej to pray for him, and started to ask a few questions.

Andrej shared this situation with me, which led us to walk together in how to share the Gospel with Marek. Andrej shared the Gospel, and a week later, Marek put his faith in Christ! He has since joined the youth group where he is growing in his faith, and discovering a deeper love for Jesus.

Praise God!

Will you pray for these two young men, and for their family as they reunite over the holiday season in Slovakia to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

And as we prepare to celebrate, may we each take the same bold steps as Andrej, to share Jesus, our brother, with someone this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!