part of the Josiah Story

King Josiah was 8 years old when he became king. His father was an evil man, & grandfather was even worse with many murders, human sacrificing & idol worshipping during his throne.

However, when King Josiah was 16, he sought after the Lord, & by the time he turned 26, God used Josiah to bring revival to the land, rebuild the house of God, & restore the Word of God to its central place. King Josiah, a first generation Christian, led his people back to the Lord. – 2 Chron. 34

Today in Central & Eastern Europe there are over 32.5 million young people, with less than 1% having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And of those 1%, more than likely they are 1st generation Christians.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling with two of my Slovak friends, & fellow JV Missionaries, Daniel & Denisa Harcar. It’s been a pleasure to recruit together, & to hear them share their story, that I’ve watched develop over the last 12 years.

Growing up, both came from non-Christian/broken families, just like King Josiah. Both accepted Christ in their teenage years, joined their youth group ministries, & now are in key leadership roles affecting their entire country of Slovakia.

Their story is a living example of what Josiah Venture is all about! Reaching out to young Josiahs to lead the way, spiritually, as King Josiah did to make more Josiahs where Jesus is changing their lives.

Will you pray for us as we wrap up our recruitment tour next week? Pray that we are fruitful in recruiting college students to become interns for next summer, inviting churches to send over summer short-term teams to partner with our camps, & raising financial support to continue in our ministries!