Czech Update #7

I’ve enjoyed serving alongside Milan and his family. Milan is our JV Country Team Leader who is also a pastor of his local church. Over 25 years ago, after communism fell, his father, a pastor, commissioned him to start a new church for the young generation of that time.

This year his church has commissioned his son and wife, Tomas and Klára, to start a new church in their town of almost 300,000 inhabitants to reach this generation of youth. And many from this camp are participating with the desire of more students to become part the body of Christ. 

What a great example of leadership, and living example of the body of Christ sending youth to start a new church in one of the most atheistic countries in the world?! That has its origins of the Moravian movement. Please pray for this family and church!

Milan and Zdenka


Tomas and Klara