But God | camp reflection

You are here! was our JV Camp theme for this summer. It was an opportunity for us to build trust and community, sharing Jesus through English, music, and sports with students to see where they are, and where they want to be. In hopes with each of them leaving camp having a personal relationship with… Read More »

Homeward Bound

After 51 days, 18 beds, 4 countries, 3 great camps, many planes, trains and automobiles, and serving and visiting with so many brothers and sisters in Christ connected with Josiah Venture, it’s time to come home! “But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,” –  Philippians… Read More »

Remembering Jan Hus | martyred for his faith

Remembering Jan Hus who was martyred for his faith, 600 years ago. Before Martin Luther, there was Jan Hus. “Moreover, dearly beloved in Christ Jesus, stand in the truth you have learned for it conquers all and is mighty to eternity!” – Jan Hus.

The Garage

After the wedding, I was shown a new ministry that was birthed from doing our English camps, called the Garage. It’s part of the regional Lutheran youth groups way of reaching out to the students in their town and area villages. The town gave them a great deal for renting the location which is opened… Read More »

Slovak Wedding

It was a blessing to attend my friends wedding in Slovakia yesterday! I’ve known Jany (John) since 2003, when he attended our first KECY camp. He was part of my first small group, became a believer and a leader through the ministry. It’s been a joy to watch him serve and grow in his faith…. Read More »

Czech Update #10

It’s been great to serve alongside one of our JV Missionaries, Josh Nelson, and his youth group. He does a great job connecting well with students! And this fall will lead the Ostrava Fusion. Please pray for him as he leads their Fusion Music Ministry.

Czech Update #9

Last night was our Gospel night. God laid it on Jonathan’s heart, one of our American team members, to learn how to share the Gospel this week. He took bold steps of faith last night to share his story with a student. Pray for him to continue to grow in his faith and for the… Read More »

Czech Update #8

Today was hot enough to make our very own slip and slide. Petr is one of our most craziest and funniest kids at camp. He is a believer and at this camp has shown an interest to grow deeper in his relationship with the Lord, that one of the older youth leaders has begun one-on-one… Read More »

Czech Update #7

I’ve enjoyed serving alongside Milan and his family. Milan is our JV Country Team Leader who is also a pastor of his local church. Over 25 years ago, after communism fell, his father, a pastor, commissioned him to start a new church for the young generation of that time. This year his church has commissioned… Read More »

Czech Update #6

Today two of our most recent JV Single men missionaries visited our camp. It was great to spend a few hours with them to check in to see how they are doing especially as they transition to the culture and learning language. Both are serving in the Czech Republic on our Exit Tour Team. Brian,… Read More »