Slovak Update #9

This young man was an inspiration to me this week at camp!

One night Jose, shared his story that touched our hearts and reminded me of Rom. 5:3-5. You see he is from Spain, and a university student. The day before heading off to college, he found out his father decided not to support him any more after promising he would pay for his education, etc. His father had recently divorced his mother, and cut all ties with him too.

Long story short, he found some work at a church in Spain, to figure out his next plans. He learned that his church has a partnership with the local church here in Zilina. So, he came to Slovakia three years ago, to learn language and attend university, since it was a cheaper solution. 

He got connected with the local church, got involved in the youth group,
fell in love, and will marry Lucia in September. He is a very talented young man, whom God is using to share with others, about God’s glory and purpose.

What was hard for Jose, God used to teach us about suffering, endurance, and perseverance, and about the body of Christ. It was a joy to serve with Jose this week.

Will you pray for Jose and Lucy as they prepare for their wedding day!