Slovak Update #3

Today camp began and during dinner I met these three new friends Mike, and his girlfriend, Natalie, both from Bardejov, and Dorota from Zilina.

Mike and I played ultimate frisbee before dinner and started having a conversation after the girls left. After asking a few questions he mentioned God would help him with his dilemma about what university he will attend. He mentioned God, and so I went deeper and discovered he became a believer through his girlfriend. 

He wanted to date her and she told him she wants to date a believer. So he thought I could do that but as he discovered Jesus he realized that Jesus is the most important part then her, and accepted Jesus as his personal saver. He’s been a believer for a year, and came to camp to learn English. We agreed that we would meet each day to talk more about his relationship, and answer his questions to lead him into a growing relationship with Jesus.

In fact he brought a book that he’s reading, “Wild at Heart,” one of my favorites and we plan to discuss it further.

Praise God for how he uses different situations for His purpose and Glory!