Poland Update – Praise!

This just in from Trainer Daner (coach Dana) who spent time with one of the girls from soccer camp…

Hey Uncle Mike, (nickname from camp)

I’ve got a praise to share. I’ve been writing back and forth with Kamila some and though the English is a tiny spotty she is really doing well typing in a second language. Anyway, she went to a second JV-English camp this summer, and learned more about Jesus and continued to ask questions. In her last few sentences to me of late she said, “thank you for praying for me, I can now say I pray for you too.” “I asked for Jesus to come into my heart at second camp.” 

Praise God! Utterly humbling to be an instrument in His mighty work.
– Trainer Daner

Thanks Dana for sharing and being faithful. Please pray for Kamila as she grows in her relationship with God.