Poland Update #9

Last night’s Gospel night was very fruitful. We had many students either make steps towards having a relationship with the Lord, start a relationship, or repent of their sins to have a deeper and growing relationship with the Lord.

I had a special conversation with a new friend, Honza (John) who is Czech. He is with our Czech Fusion Music team, who came over to help the music side of the camp. Our camp has two tracks taking place – music and soccer. He is 17 years old, loves music, and became a believer a few months ago. 

Last night we hung out and I asked him to share his story with me, which he did. Only to find out afterwards, that it was his first time ever sharing his story in English. Which he did a great job!

I share this story, as it’s great to be part of the body of Christ with Czechs, Americans and Poles in Poland working with youth to build God’s Kingdom.

Will you pray for Honza? He and his team will head to Ukraine to help do a Fusion camp there next week. And pray for his mother and brother that they too will come to have a personal relationship with the Lord.