a common denominator

What do you get when you bring together people from three different countries (Americans, Czechs & Poles), talents & gifts (soccer & music), & personalities (introverts & extraverts)?

A joy of serving together with one common denominator, Jesus Christ, to students who come from different backgrounds, walks of life, & various believes.

And in the end, seeing with our own eyes, the fruits of our labor that only God orchestrated with several students in the music & two from the soccer track accepting Jesus, & many more making decisions to come closer too the Lord, &/or repenting & deciding to walk with Him.

It was great to bring an athletic group from Covenant College to partner with us in Poland. These last two weeks was a great testimony of how God works & uses His body to reach the hearts of young people, who were able to experience community & listen to the stories that God has given each of us to share about His Son, the common denominator!

Will you pray for these students, the youth group, & those that participated? That, they will grow in their relationship with Him & continue to tell others about the love of Jesus Christ.