Czech Update #2

So this is most of our U.S. and Czech team heading out in the morning to do a Fusion Music camp. Please be in prayer for us and the students! May God be glorified in all we say and do!

Czech Update #1

It was great to listen to my good friend, Rob, share the Czech history merged with the JV vision. As we wrap up our training time, please be in prayer for the English and Fusion music camps that will start on Saturday. And for strength for me to finish strong.

Poland Update – Praise!

This just in from Trainer Daner (coach Dana) who spent time with one of the girls from soccer camp… Hey Uncle Mike, (nickname from camp) I’ve got a praise to share. I’ve been writing back and forth with Kamila some and though the English is a tiny spotty she is really doing well typing in… Read More »

Slovak Update #13

In between camps, I was able to spend a few days with Adam, one of my former Iron Man, and his family. One mid-morning, we were able to hike to a waterfall in the Tatry Mountains. Along the way, we took photos and enjoyed each other’s company. That evening, I discovered that through this experience,… Read More »

Slovak Update #12

It was nice to visit the youth group I served with for the three years I was in Zilina. To watch the next generation of youth leading worship, giving the talk about the importance of the bible, and running the sound board, for so many new students who attended their English camp, was a blessing and… Read More »

Slovak Update #11

Today, I got to hang out with these two guys, and hear about how camp went for them. You see, at their English camp, Daniel Harcar turned over the youth leadership to Jordan Moytl, a 4th generation leadership change; a legacy that I can only praise God for allowing me to be a part of, beginning… Read More »

Slovak Update #10

We finished camp yesterday with our Host City After Party, where we all came back together after leaving camp, to share stories, show videos, and say our good byes. It was a great camp and I’m thanking God for having His hands on and in the camp. The youth group tried something different this year,… Read More »

Slovak Update #9

This young man was an inspiration to me this week at camp! One night Jose, shared his story that touched our hearts and reminded me of Rom. 5:3-5. You see he is from Spain, and a university student. The day before heading off to college, he found out his father decided not to support him… Read More »

Slovak Update #8

It’s our last full night of camp. Got to host the camp Vines Oscars with my good friend, David, aka Justin Bieber! David is a gifted and talented young man who loves the Lord and serving others! It’s been an honor to walk alongside him to pray for, encourage and help him.

Slovak Update #7

Tonight is Gospel Night…will you please pray for our camps? May the student’s eyes be open, their ears to hear and hearts to believe in Jesus! Thank you. “For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God… Read More »