Summer, Summer, Summertime

Recently I heard a great message on Acts 11:19-30, that ducktails in what we are apart of, together, with Josiah Venture.

Briefly, the pastor shared that, “God has the power to move people to build His Kingdom.” He went on to describe the location & situation in Antioch, a current day Las Vegas, & how a movement began there because the people stayed on mission. He mentioned that the workers focused on God, walked by faith, & trusted the Holy Spirit, which led to many sinners turning to saints. And, because of discipleship, those saints went from untaught to taught, & eventually turned from receiver to giver, by sending food, & their missionaries back to where they came from to help with the famine that plagued their land.

This is a beautiful picture of what you are apart of, & what is taken place within JV.

The Body of Christ, sending out missionaries to a part of the world where 99% of youth are hungry for God’s Word. Where, the missionaries walk alongside the 1% who are focusing on God, walking in bold faith, trusting the Holy Spirit, being discipled & trained on how to share the Gospel, & then sent out into their communities to reach those 99% through evangelistic English, music &/or sports camps with their local churches!

This summer, we get to go back to Central & Eastern Europe to partner with our JV National Organizations. I’ve been asked to return to help with 3 different ministries that are part of Josiah Venture. The theme for our camps this year is “You are here,” & we will look at Paul’s story leading them to the Gospel.

I welcome your prayers as we come together through Christ to do great things in Poland, Slovakia & the Czech Republic.

As the pastor closed his message, he summarized Acts 11:19-30, by offering three key points, that I believe relate to you, in being Faithful to the…

Mission – serving Jesus together,
Message – making disciples through the Gospel, &
Members – sending me!

Thank you for being part of this movement! And, please let me know how I can be praying for you.

Have a blessed summertime,