Poland | June 22 – July 6

I’ll be in Katowice, Poland with a group from Covenant College, who will put on a soccer camp for youth. I know what you might be thinking, “Americans teaching Europeans how to play soccer?” The thing is they don’t have organized sports as part of their school, as we have in the states. And, most players idolize the greats like Messi, Ronaldo, or Rooney, by learning just tricks and scoring goals. So this will be a great time to teach them skills on unity, working together as a team, being players of integrity, learning drills, and sharing Jesus with them. I am looking forward to bridging this new partnership between JV and Covenant College, and living life on life with these students and ministry partners!

Please pray for all the teams to come together as the body of Christ and for these students to accept the Lord as their Savior!