Poland Update #7

Last night, Daniel shared about relationships/friendships. It touched one of our student’s hearts, where he turned to me and said, “his talk changed my perspective.” And wanted to talk more about it. Today, we talked and had a great conversation. His name is Pavel (Paul), attends a Lutheran Church, and believes in Jesus. He could use… Read More »

Poland Update #6

It has been a week since Dana, Nate and Daniel arrived in Poland. They have been a huge blessing to serve alongside our ministry with Josiah Venture. I thank God for bringing us together with the gifts each of them bring to the camp: Dana – as a coach, she brings patience, encouragement and understanding… Read More »

Poland Update #5

Today we started our first full day of camp. Our morning session was holding a soccer clinic where we did soccer drills to assess each players skills. We have over 20 students participating. In the photo are the coaches/assistants. Please pray for us and the students.

Poland Update #4

We are about to start our JV Edge/Fusion camp with this team. Will you please pray for us this week? There are over 100. Tonight, I introduce the camp theme and Paul, whom we will focus on this week.

Poland Update #3

Getting connected with two of the Polish youth group guys who will help do our Soccer Camp.

Poland Update #2

Yesterday after finishing our training, the Covenant College team & I visited Katowice to spend time with our Polish JV Edge Sports Director, Marcin B., located on the far right of photo. It was fun to spend time with his disciple, Marcin (far left), a 20-year old, orphan soccer player, who became a believer two… Read More »

Poland Update #1

Team Building in Poland…Covenant College, Blackhawk Church from Ft. Wayne IN and a few of our JV Czech Fusion friends, bonding over dinner this evening. We will be doing camp together starting on Sunday.

Arrived in Poland!

We’ve all arrived and getting ready for camp training. After two flight for me, and three for my Covenant College friends, we then visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, and headed to H2O for dinner and sleep…training starts tomorrow!

Spiritual Fathers

Spiritual Fathers As we celebrate Father’s day, I was reminded of a conversation I had a few days ago with a fellow co-laborer in Christ, Karl Hennhofer, who is Czech, & participating in the Wheaton College Summer Leadership Forum. Karl reminded me of why I am part of Josiah Venture‬. He shared that he’s been… Read More »

Thankful for Theresa

Thankful for this lady, Theresa Kerns, who serves Josiah Venture so faithfully…today, taking the minutes for the JV Board Meeting.