JV Gibborim Retreat

We held a weekend retreat for our JV Single Men, where we empowered them to reach their potential as men. Gibborim, is a Hebrew word that also means “mightiest” – a more intense form of the word “gabar”, which means ‘mighty.” We looked at mighty men found in the bible, & focused on 5 Gibborim… Read More »

JV Orientations

This past month we equipped 4 JV Missionaries in Training & 19 JV Nationals on the JV core values, history, HR items, support raising, etc. For our JV Nationals, it is a significant challenge for them to raise support. Many of their church cultures & countries are not accustomed to supporting missionaries & could very… Read More »

Health Update

This past month, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. From a scale of 1 to 10, I am at a 3. Soon, I’ll be equipped with a CPAP & welcome your prayers as I learn how to wear & use this machine.