who gives?

…us air to breath? …snowflakes to enjoy? …us love?

One word: God.

Why does He give?
He gives because He loves. He gives because He created us to love Him, & to love others. He gives for His Glory – to remember Him who created us, who fell at the Fall, who picked us back up, by giving us His Son. So that in the end, we will have an eternal relationship with Him. If, & only if we believe in His son, Jesus.

How much does He give?
We read in the bible where Jesus made 908 bottles of wine for a wedding feast, fed 5000 men (not including women & children) with 2 fish & 5 pieces of bread, & caught 153 fish for breakfast to reestablish His relationship with His disciples.

God is always giving for His Glory! 

At the end of 2014, He provided for my needs through your generosity in helping me with my financial deficit! I thank Him for providing you, as men & women, who have partnered with me through your prayers, encouragements, &/or your financial investments in what He is doing through our ministry with Josiah Venture.

Looking forward…
As 2015 begins, I welcome you to continue to give through Him & for Him. May we remember & thank Him daily for His generosity towards our lives, & for our ministry with Josiah Venture!

To Him be the Glory!