myth #4

Myth Busters Conclusion
We’ve come to the end of debunking some of the misperceptions of the needs & challenges missionaries face with the final myth. And, I want to thank my JV friends who’ve contributed with their words of encouragement in how I’m blessed to serve them!

Myth #4
Because I now live in the States, Josiah Venture pays my salary as I support our ministry & staff overseas.

I am still serving & living in a full-time missionary role, & must raise funds for my personal & ministry needs. When I lived overseas, I trusted the Lord to provide, & provide He did! Now that I am back in the States, in a supporting role, I continue to trust the Lord to provide.

I get the opportunity to be part of an organization that all of us raise our support in every position so we can keep the overhead cost low, in order that more funds are able to go towards the ministries.

And, I thank you for the impact you make through your prayers, encouragements, &/or financial investments! This summer, we did 113 camps, reaching 2,435 students with 25% of them making a profession of faith in the Lord. Praise God!

You are part of a movement of God that is reaching out to 32.5 million young people in Central & Eastern Europe, where less then 1% have a personal relationship with the Lord. And, helping us equip that 1% to reach the other 99% for Jesus.

So thank you, & thank God!