myth #3

Now onto Myth Buster #3 of #4 as I continue to debunk some of the misperceptions I’ve discovered that keep you & I from having a clear understanding of the needs & challenges missionaries face.

Myth #3
Singles have more time on their hands to serve.

It’s true. As a single man I do have more time to bless others, but balancing that time can be challenging if I’m not careful. 

Because of my unique & broad experience serving as a single on the field, God has opened the door for me to serve, care for, & support the single men serving with JV, & help them learn how to live fruitful yet balanced lives on the field.

“Mike is someone all of us single guys can easily relate to, & knowing we can turn to him with any questions, problems, & prayer requests is so valuable. He’s been a constant resource of advice, prayer, & encouragement for all of us single leaders here in Central & Eastern Europe! – Eric M., missionary in Hungary

“It has been an answer to prayer to be able to share life with the JV single guys under Mike’s leadership. Mike has been eager to listen to our needs & struggles, & he does this with the experience of being on the field. It is such a blessing to know that someone is able & willing to talk to, at anytime.” – Marc M., missionary in Hungary