myth #1

Missionary life isn’t always what you expect it to be. In fact, I’ve discovered some misperceptions that keep you & I from having a clear understanding of the needs & challenges missionaries face.

Myth #1

It’s easy for JV nationals to raise funds on their own.

In most of our JV countries, tithing is not modeled nor taught by the local church, limiting the resources our JV nationals need to pursue full-time ministry.

One of our core values is indigenous empowerment. And, I enjoy walking alongside to train and model how to develop ministry partners for our JV Nationals.

“I praise the Lord for Mike in how he continues to help our ministry. I appreciate how he helps recruit interns for JV, strengthens our short-term team relationships, and finds new missionaries from the States during the JV Fall Recruitment tour. I’m thankful on how he prepares and trains the Slovak JV Nationals on how to raise support in the States, and how he cares for them during their visits. I am thankful for his loving and caring heart.” – Peter Hrubo, Slovak Country Leader