Fero Fero…

I met Fero a few years ago during a volleyball competition that we participated in. I found out that he played for the Slovak national team for his age division. However, he had to stop due to a knee injury. Two summer’s ago, he attended his first English camp, with an interest to learn more about God. He periodically attended our youth group over the following year.

This past summer, he went again to camp, met a few Americans who poured into him, & at the end of the week, left with a personal relationship with the Lord. Praise God!

Since then, he has gotten into a small group, & shared that as he is learning how to pray specific prayers, he prayed to God in whom he should share the Gospel with next. The Lord led him to invite two of his classmates, Anicka & Miso, who are both visiting the youth group with Fero these days.

Will you pray for Fero’s faith to continue to grow deeper, & for his two classmates to come to having a personal relationship with Jesus also?