The God of Endurance…

Even through difficult situations, the Lord provided our Ukrainian team with so much endurance this summer as they, and 17 interns did 15 camps/events!  And according to their camp surveys, around 500 attended with 140 stating they made a decision to follow Christ. Praise God!

Please continue to #prayforUkraine, and for our teammates who are serving faithfully. To give you an update on the situation from the field, here is an update they just shared:

“The unfolding news stories about fighting in Eastern Ukraine impact everyone living here. Regardless of the physical distance, Lviv families are not untouched; we now know several men drafted and in war. And war it is. We give to food drives. We support the troops. Everyone is already preparing for gas shortages. More and more Ukrainians flee west. Meanwhile Russia continues to fund the separatist movement, while the whole world watches and many die. Pray this evil separatist movement is subdued, and that God is glorified.”