JV Canada

God continues to be working in the now & not yet, especially in Canada.

One of the projects I’ve been working on is to help get our JV Canada (JVC) entity up & running to receipt funds, resource, & send more short-term teams, interns & staff to Central & Eastern Europe. And the most important part up to this point has been to make sure we are compliant, & have our processes & training procedures in place.

Last weekend, I flew to Calgary to be part of our JVC Board & Member meetings. It was great to be among men who have a heart for our ministry, & desire to see Canadians continuing to part of the movement. Afterwards, I visited the prairie lands of Medicine Hat to meet with the organization, The Great Commission Foundation, who’s partnering with us in this endeavor.

It’s been a challenge over the years to get this going, but am encouraged that we were able to do our first wire-transfer this past week! We thank the Lord in how He sets things up, even when it takes longer then we expect, & differently then how it was first set up.

With this endeavor, there is much more to come. The not yet invites us to continue to trust in the Lord to provide more resources, funds, & people from Canada to be part of His movement.

Will you pray with me that more Canadians will become interested, informed, & invest in what God is doing in Central & Eastern Europe?