Day of Solitude

It was nice to take a day off to be in His Word & in His creation in Banff, Alberta Canada.

The area is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too. I was reminded how great our God & Creator is after experiencing His nature by smelling the aroma of forest trees & flowers, listening to waterfalls crash, hearing the avalanche thunder on the mountainside, & observing so much wildlife (caribou, deer, mountain goat, chipmunks, prairie dogs, & birds) in person.

I’m grateful to God, His creation & all He does & continues to do in you & throughout the ministry of Josiah Venture. To Him be the glory!

“Worthy are you, our Lord & God,
 to receive glory & honor and power,
 for you created all things, 
& by your will they existed & were created.” – Rev. 4:11