Transforming Society

God is working in the now & the not yet. The day after Easter, I flew over to visit our team & ministries within JV. It was great to reconnect with them, & hear how the Lord is moving among the youth of Central & Eastern Europe.

We are seeing God move. He’s called Josiah Venture to join Him in the new thing He is doing in Central & Eastern Europe—a region once dominated by oppression, now marked by a growing movement of the gospel.

Our JV vision statement reads “A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church & transforms society.” And often, I’m asked, “have you seen the youth transforming society?”

I answer, “yes”, & share the following…

Discipleship – Disciples are making disciples, especially in leadership. I continue to see youth leaders “passing the baton” to their disciples to lead the youth group. And watching youth groups growing not just in numbers, but in their faith with the Lord, desiring to reach their friends for Christ.

Sibling Evangelism – to watch a brother accept the Lord after attending camp, or a brother involved in ministry, invite his sibling to the ministry (youth group, camps, follow ups, etc.) & then to watch that sibling accept the Lord, & get involved in ministry is another example of discipleship.

Mentoring – this summer, several of the youth groups who’ve done English camps for many years, are walking alongside youth groups who are doing their first English Camps. To hear them talk, plan, & pray for each other encouraged my heart. And, I look forward to hearing their fruitful stories from their bold steps of faith.

Tithing – tithing is not modeled, taught or discussed much, which makes it hard for our JV Nationals to raise support inside their countries. However, it’s encouraging to see youth who have grown up in our ministry, graduate from college, get a paid job, & start tithing (financially supporting) several JV national friends of mine.

New Ministries – after talking with some friends of mine who got married last year, & are still apart of the youth ministry, decided to start another ministry in their church; a family ministry. They saw the need & potential, & have begun to find ways how to bring families together to get into the Word & learn from each other in this new season of life.

I praise the Lord in how He is working among the youth. God is changing lives & He’s using them to transform society. But there’s so much more to come. The not yet beckons us to follow God further into the transforming work He’s doing in the lives of this generation & the ones yet to come.

And, I welcome you to keep partnering with us!