Next few months

Now that I’ve returned back to the States, I am busy working on several projects to strengthen our organization. I’ll be…

…heading up to Canada in June for a few days to help get our JVCanada up and running so we can fund & send out teams & missionaries from Canada to be part of this movement.

…helping our missionaries in training get started with their support raising making sure their foundation is based on scripture, & help resourcing & coaching them along the way.

…planning our JV Fall Recruitment tour where we visit colleges, universities, & college ministries to find students to be interns &/or send short-term teams to serve alongside our ministries.

…caring for our JV Single men. We have 8 great single men within JV who are serving the Lord, & sacrificing so much to reach the 99% who don’t know Jesus personally. And it’s my privilege to encourage, & pour into them as we serve together.