Following Him

Ever feel like nothing is going the way you thought it would? It’s in those moments that God teaches us something about Him and about ourselves. These last few weeks, I’ve been learning patience, humility and to trust in Him, especially as I raise support and prepare to move to Wheaton. As I walk this… Read More »


Will you join in praying for my family? My grandmother, my dad’s mom, has been in the hospital since before Thanksgiving. She is 86 years old and is not doing well. I will fly down on Thursday to spend a few days with her and our family.

JV MIT (Missionary In Training) Orientation

This past week/end, I was in Wheaton to house hunt, visit a few churches, and get to help train and prepare 14 new Missionaries In Training, four of which are heading to Slovakia. It was great to hear their stories, and see what the Lord is doing in their lives as He prepares them to… Read More »

DAR (Debrief and Reentry)

The last week of January, I participated in a Debrief and Reentry program in Colorado Springs. After being back in the states for 6 months, I was a little skeptical in going, but I am so thankful I went. I enjoyed getting into the Word to learn from Paul and Jesus, joined a great community… Read More »