Almost there

As you know I have a deep love of making disciples for Jesus, and helping support the ministry of Josiah Venture in Central and Eastern Europe.

Over the holidays, I had the fortune to return to Slovakia & the Czech Republic with my mom. We were able to create new memories, show her my ministry, catch up with family & friends, & watch her thrive in her native tongue; Czech. 


While there, I was able to visit my former youth group & found out that one of my small group guys, Dusan, will be leading the youth group this year. He is a college freshman, loves the Lord, & is musically talented. He is one of those 1% who has a personal relationship with the Lord, & is a First Generation Christian within his family. His desire is to lead the youth group into a growing relationship with the Lord, & to reach his generation for Christ.

However, it’s hard for him when his family doesn’t understand nor support him. Would you pray for Dusan, for the Lord to protect his mind, & to lead him as he leads the youth?

I was also able to catch up with several of our JV Nationals. And as I listened to them share how it’s hard for them to raise support these days, it encouraged me, because this is one area I will get to help them in my new role with Josiah Venture. Knowing their background, ministries, & struggles, will help me train them in how to raise support based on a biblical foundation, & provide resources, & encouragement along the way.

Almost there…

However, before I can move to Wheaton & start my new ministry, I need to finish raising the rest of my support.

I am so thankful for my team that has faithfully supported me over the years that my monthly salary support is covered. But, I am still in need of $1300/month towards my ministry account.

I am trying two ways to raise this amount. First is finding 13 people who’d give $100/month, or finding people who would give one-time amounts to cover my yearly ministry goal. 

1. Would you be willing to partner by giving towards this need?

If you’d like to invest & partner with me, you can either give by credit card, check or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) by visiting our JVGive Site, or you can send in the response slip attached below with your investment to: Josiah Venture, P.O. Box 4317, Wheaton, IL 60189. Checks may be made payable to Josiah Venture, & all donations are tax deductible. 

2. Would you be my advocate? 

I am looking for people that know me and have a heart for the ministry of Josiah Venture. Would you be willing to introduce me to others who’d be interested in partnering with me so I can finish my support raising? If so, please contact me. This will be extremely helpful.

In closing, I thank you for your friendship, & willingness to prayerfully consider partnering with me to help get me to Wheaton, to help equip our team to reach the next generation for Christ with Josiah Venture. I look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come. And, I pray the Lord continues to bless you, & your family with His everlasting presence, love & peace this year.