Ever have one of these moments?

There are times I doubt. And there are times I try to do things on my own. And sadly I must say, I put Christ to the side, and deny Him because of my selfishness.

Surely, you’ve never done that, especially during the holidays?

However, after reading about three wise men, not the ones we read about during this time of the year, I’ve been reminded of a valuable lesson. Through their weaknesses, these men experienced the Lord through FaithHope and Love.

In John 20:24-29, doubting Thomas put his Faith in the Lord after seeing and touching Jesus. Paul learned not to rely on himself, but put his Hope in the Lord as He went through various trials in his ministry. (2 Cor. 1:8-10) And, Peter, who denied Jesus three times, eventually rediscovered love from Jesus (John 21:15-17), and went on to write many verses about Love in his Epistles.

So if by chance these next few weeks, you or I have one of those moments mentioned above, please realize that we are not alone!

Be encouraged and focus on the true Gifts God has given us – Faith Hope and Love. May we put our Faith in a Heavenly Father and believe in baby Jesus; the greatest gift God gave us because He loves us so much no matter how foolish we are at times. May we put our Hope in the Holy Spirit, another gift from God, who comforts us, and prays for us during those difficult seasons in our lives. And may we accept the Love of Jesus, in order to love others now, and in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,