As my momma says…

…it was a “Godcidence” rather then a coincidence that brought us together this evening.

During our Christmas dinner, we met a family from Nashville, TN. I saw them taking photos of their family and asked if they’d take a photo of mom and me to remember this evening, and to capture the amazing view from our dinner table. We got to talking to one of the family members and shared a few things to see and do in and outside the city. They are here on holidays with their teenage daughters.

It just so happened that we had finished dinner at the same time, and while sharing the elevator down together, we invited them for dessert. One family member joined us as her husband and kids went to see a rendition of Swan Lake.

We learned a lot about her and her family. We talked about their work, kids, some politics, tv shows, but the most enjoyable moment was when The Lord put it on my heart to find out where her heart is with Him.

I believe discipleship begins the minute you meet someone. We did not know this family before dinner, but as we spent time getting to know her by asking questions, listening, and seeking The Lord in where to take the conversation, God provided.

She was brought up in a very traditional church, loves to help others, believes in God and prays to Him often, but wants nothing to do with the church. I understand where she is coming from, and as God led the conversation, we just loved on her, encouraged her and challenged her to find out from God what are her next steps to grow in a personal relationship with Him. I was able to invite her to my friends new church in her area.

After listening to her, his church seems like one she’d be interested in. One that loves The Lord, loves and serves people, and is full of grace. Would you pray for this family, especially after they return?

God provided a great opportunity tonight that we were not expecting on how to establish a relationship with someone and then lead them to Him. What a great Christmas moment!